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Come in and check out the items                              that are being painted like Birch Bark

Painted birch bark done by Curtis Andrews is on items such at klennex box, wine rack, photo frames, an @ symbol and coasters.

Etched Fund Jars

Etched fund jars are jars you use as banks. They have a slit in the top for you to drop in the money. They are very popular with people of all ages. There is a wide variety of images so there is something for everyone. We even do custom jars for an additional charge. We can ususally have custom jars done in several days after you approve a proof that we send you. Click on this link to see the complete line of banks that we offer.

Glass Etched Sets

Pine Grove Gallery has etched glass set in 3 different styles. There are On the rocks, which is a set of four glasses, mason jar mugs, which is a set of two, and beer steins, which is a set of two. Click on this link to see the different images we offer on each set. We also do custom work so it you have something in mind let us know and we'll see what we can come up with for an additional charge.

Wood Coasters

These wood costers are made of Maple and Aspen. There are 4 coasters per boxed set and have extreme high gloss finish and each coster has 4 rubber feet. Prices range from $40.00-$45.00 per set of four based on coaster size. Click on this link to see them up close.

Commisioned Sketches

We now offer commisioned sketches that you can also get printed on canvas to give as a gift while you frame and enjoy the original. Either stop in or email us an image and size sketch you would like and we will gladly send you a quote. Click on this link to see a larger version.

Any Occasion Cards

We now offer any occasion cards for $2.75 each that are signature Pine Grove Gallery Images on the front, blank inside so they can be used for any occassion, a have the Pine Grove Gallery logo and address on the back.

Stained Glass Sculptures

These are very unique glass sculptures and they vary in size. Click on this line to see some we have now. If you see something you like call to see if we still have it or request one to be made. Click on this link to see some that we have in our shop now.

Resin Trays

New this year are trays with all kinds of things set in resin. Click on this link to see just a few.

Artificial Stag Horn Ferns, Air Plants and and Christmas Cactus' set on unique pieces of wood and driftwood and in small pots. So realistic you would swear they are real. Click on this link to see some of them in our shop right now.

Pine Grove Gallery now has beautiful prints on canvas from photos and original reproductions of paintings by Curtis Andrews. Click on this link to see all the images and sizes available.

These vases are a new edition to our line and are the first thing to sell out at our local craft shows. The glass is etched with either butterflies and oak leaves, wrapped in birch bark and raffia and accented with two pine cones. Items like these can be found by clicking this link.



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